Leapfrog Dry

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Using all the key attributes of the standard dry unit, massive power, filtration that works and large bore pipe, the Leapfrog range offers the user the added advantage of being able to fill their own drums. This is ideal for any type of application, especially ones which involve the collection of a material which can not be mixed with another such as swarf, ready for recycling, or for the storage and reintroduction of a commodity back into a process.

The Leapfrog system comes in two main parts, the power unit/lid, and the filtration section, making it simple to use and easy to store. As the filters are stored in the Leapfrog itself, the drum can be filled almost to the top, depending on material. Just add your required length of hose and tools from the Floor, Wall & Ceiling kit and use the Leapfrog like a standard Big Brute.

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Leapfrog Dry

1. Leapfrog Dry

All the power of the Big Brute Industrial Vacuum Cleaners in a compact unit. Simply place on top of the open topped drum and fill.