Big Brute Centralised Vacuum Systems at Viterra, Auckland

Big Brute Centralised Vacuum Systems at Viterra, Auckland

Shawn Luiters, Technical Contract Manager at Viterra, Auckland, with his Big Brute Popular Industrial Vacuum Cleaner.

The Animal Feed Manufacturing Mill of Viterra is in the suburb of Manuwera, Auckland. It's the newest of 5 Mills owned by Viterra in New Zealand.

The plant can produce up to 300 tonnes of manufactured stock feed per day.

As with all feed mills, very fine grain dust is dispersed when receiving truckloads of raw product. Further fine grain dust is created during the manufacturing and bagging process which spreads throughout all the 9 floors of the plant.

Shawn Luiters, the Technical Contract Manager, purchased a Big Brute Popular Industrial Vacuum Cleaner with 15m of suction hose in May 2011 to assist with the cleaning of the fine grain dust on their bag line floor.

Shawn said that since the Big Brute Popular offered the staff plenty of suction, he decided to install a centralised ducted vacuum system throughout the entire 9 floors of the plant.

Shawn did this by placing the first Big Brute Popular on the ground floor and installed the pipe work for the ducted system to vacuum the first 5 floors.

In September 2011, Viterra purchased a second Big Brute Popular Industrial Vacuum Cleaner and placed it on the 6th floor of the plant and installed further pipe work to clean the remaining higher floor levels.

This centralised ducted vacuum system lets the staff to clean the fine grain dust off walls, walkways and from the top of machinery.

By taking a 20m hose up to each floor level and connecting into the main pipe work they have eliminated the need to carry heavy vacuum cleaners around to clean the stock feed mill.

You can see the Big Brute Popular in action or to find out more, please contact Big Brute New Zealand.