Corson Grain go for 3 Big Brutes

Corson Grain go for 3 Big Brutes

Wayne Lamont Of Corsons

Corson Grain of Gisborne, New Zealand, bought their first Big Brute Industrial Vacuum Cleaner in 2005 to keep the the floors of their cereals processing plant clean.

A fixed pipe was installed from the ground floor level where the Big Brute was located. The Big Brute was connected permanently to the fixed pipe.

On each of the floors, a 15m long flexible suction pipe was used to take cleaning tools deep into the plant. The operators can reach all parts of the floors to clean up spillages and attend to general cleaning and maintenance.

All the recovered material is sucked up by the Big Brute on the ground floor for easy disposal.

The system worked so well that they purchased a second Big Brute in May 2011 for use on another Corson Gisborne plant.

Their second Big Brute is used for cleaning up maize dust and spillages around the grain dryer.

Once the full potential of this second machine was realised the Big Brute became so popular with the staff all over the plant that it was decided that a third Big Brute on the site would give the staff the full cleaning flexibility they required.

The Big Brutes are very popular with Corson’s staff.

You can watch the Big Brutes in action in grain stores or, to find out more, please contact Big Brute New Zealand.